#A simple benchmark script that shows download and <b>upload</b> speed for multiple locations around the world, CPU speed, and I/O write speed. <br> ## Purpose The motivation behind this speedtest project is to give you a full picture of your network capabilities. A server serves content, which means the ** upload ** speed is extremely important and should not be neglected in a network benchmark test. Using standard utilities in Linux that people are familiar with, this network speed test should be a good base line and works well on minimalistic systems. <br> ## Usage You can run the benchmark script using one of the following commands: ``` wget dl.getipaddr.net/speedtest.sh -q -O- | bash ``` or ``` curl -s dl.getipaddr.net/speedtest.sh -o- | bash ``` or ``` wget https://raw.github.com/blackdotsh/curl-speedtest/master/speedtest.sh && chmod u+x speedtest.sh && bash speedtest.sh ``` Note: A 100MB test file is used by default to test the download and upload speeds, however, in some "exotic" locations, a 10MB file is used to save bandwidth. ## How to interprete the results Since most of these test servers are on a shared port, one of the servers in a certain location might not produce accurate results. However, if the speedtest script shows lower than expected values from a few of the speedtest servers, then it's more than likely that your server has slow download / upload speed. Running it a few times helps too (but running it 10 consecutive times will not). ## Checksums SHA-1 ``` 9dcbbaf1700ad124967bb045764864fa10b207b5 speedtest.Asia.sh c5250094faf71dc92a65c6215ce09022597fb789 speedtest.AU.sh a030694abae32695cdc2ea6b7b26ecd36f411dcf speedtest.EU.sh 77760985bd016ec978b0ac0e9f17a2ea84149009 speedtest.NA.sh 9ab4662f599e60d56097c729907612ccd0e122fe speedtest.sh ``` #### A list of my projects * <a href="http://dl.getipaddr.net"> Command line speed test / benchmark utility </a> - A nimble benchmark tool to test download, upload, I/O, and CPU speed. * <a href="http://check.getipaddr.net"> Free Proxy / VPN IP checker </a> - Probabilistically determine if a given IP address is a proxy/VPN or not. * <a href="https://github.com/blackdotsh/UptimeFlare"> Uptime Flare </a> - Auto switch to a failover server if your website goes down by using cloudflare (for DNS) and UptimeRobot (for monitoring). Alternatively, you can use StatusCake for monitoring, which can be found <a href="https://github.com/blackdotsh/StatusCake-CloudFlare"> here</a>. * <a href="https://github.com/blackdotsh/mandrillapp-cli"> Mandrillapp cli </a> - Send emails using mandrillapp's API directly in bash